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Outdoor Living comes to Stockport

Garden Pride has just completed the ultimate garden room in Mile End, Stockport.

Garden Pride of Cheshire

Garden room by Garden Pride in Stockport

interior of outdoor living in stockport

Interior of garden room by garden pride of cheshire

Designing a garden room that’s right for you
So you’ve decided to make the most of that neglected corner of the garden, but you’re not sure how best to utilise the space. Or maybe you’ve already decided on the primary function of your garden getaway but want to make sure that it’s future proofed. As with any investment in your property, it’s vitally important to consider the benefits of a project both for your current needs, whilst considering any future requirements. Perhaps the current situation calls for a functional working space with integrated storage, data cabling and dedicated work stations.

Designing a practical garden space is a fine balancing act. It’s important that a garden room makes sense as part of a wider garden design, both in scale and in overall aesthetic. That doesn’t necessarily mean that a clean modern design will look out of place in the mature garden of a period property, but the form should be sympathetic to the existing vernacular.

The ultimate Garden Room

A design should find a compromise between glazed sections to provide natural light with enough solid wall space to maintain the practicalities of a functioning room.

Whilst the majority of customers find that a garden building not exceeding 2.5m in height is the best way of achieving space without requiring planning permission, it’s important to consider whether a taller ceiling height would be more useful for your intended application. An increased overall height may be advisable if the building is to be used as a gym (where lifting overhead or running/riding on raised equipment may be restricted), or if the room is to be used primarily by those over 6′ 6″. To give an idea of head room,

It’s worth remembering that Garden Pride have never built two buildings the same so it’s advisable to contact Rob directly to discuss how best to utilise your garden to create a space within your budget.

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